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Checklist/Milestone List - swbubu.com Farm Mt Ragon Hell for Swift runes, 5 Star swift runes on slot 2/4/6 (SPD HP HP). This step will slowly prepare you for GB10. Begin to collect Sigmarus fusion materials. Level your monsters at Mt Ragon Hell Stage 2/4/6 for runes.

2/4/6 Slots. 2 SPD ; 4 HP % 6 HP % ACC; Rune Sets. Violent Blade 2/4/6 Slots. 2 SPD ; 4 CRI Dmg % 6 ATK % Additional Info. Mine got spd on slot 2 cz i realize it is very important to outspeed the boss in most of the times ... Swift Endure 2/4/6 Slots. 2 HP % 4 HP % 6 HP % Additional Info. I found it really good to use swift runes as i need ... Summoners War Optimizer The optimizer will include these stats into its calculations and suggest the most suitable builds. Working with filters: this function lets you differentiate the good builds from the exceptional builds. Put in some thresholds like Crit = 70%, desired minimum HP values and so on. Working with +12, 15 and actual stats. Giant Drop Rates - Google Sheets

I have a +24 hp flat stat slot 4 rune on baretta with good subs and it gives him more than enough stats to do what he needs to. Plus i can switch it out andShredded On that good swift rune I woul enchant accuracy into HP instead of attack and put that rune on fast and tanky monster that needs a bit of crit...

GB10 help - Summoners War Wiki Guide: Tips and Strategy On GB10 I have a very low win rate chance. Shannon is always the first one to die, after that is Bella then my team gets wiped out immediately. My team are composed of Vero (lead), Bernard, Shannon, Ryan and Bella. All are with 5 star Swift/Focus runes. Chloe Runes Summoners War Reddit - Ontario Active School Travel All the 2* healers are decent with Swift/Violent and/or Energy runes (I use Accuracy instead on Colleen for debuff) with spd/hp%/hp% or all hp% in runes 2/4/6. Substats should focus on staying alive longer (i.e. hp%, def%, resistance %) and control/dmg second (accuracy%, crit dmg%, crit rate %). Team Builds - Summoners War - mmogosu swrunes/index.html at master · marin-k-marinov/swrunes · GitHub

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Summoners War GB10 Team Guide (Beginner To Speed Team) Most of your team should be built on Swift/Focus or Swift/Energy with Speed/HP%/HP% main stats on your slot 2/4/6 runes. You can replace an HP% rune with a Def% rune but make sure to get good HP% substats. Step-by-Step, Chapter 16: Speed DB10! Feat. Verdehile, The Fire Chapter 16 of our player progression series is about speeding up your DB10 runs using Verdehile, the Fire Vampire. Now that we’re able to decently farm DB10 using safe teams, we will use Verdehile to speed up our runs. Water Chimera (Taor) - Summoners War Ratings Guide

Summoners War is quite an impressive game. It mainly revolves around getting the Mana Crystals, where you will have to fight the good fight to get them.