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Poker might be rigged and certainly can be in some instances. If we are talking purely about the integrity of poker sites and not cheating that occurs on an individual basis then poker is probably not rigged. But this is not something we can really prove, so it’s not right for us to claim that we know for certain that poker isn’t rigged.

Why online poker isnt rigged? - Poker Strategy - Replay … the main reason why online poker isnt rigged in general is that.if online poker was rigged then live poker is also > rigged.how? a little experience willI think LeMow has a very good point though. If the action is open raise you get 3 bet, you 4 bet you get a shove or two or even 3 you should be happy to... Is PokerStars Rigged? - PokerTube Yes, it is true, ALL online poker sites, including PS, need to be audited seriously by publicAnd if you think there’s too much action on PS, think of how many flops are dealt with every second of the day.Is maybe the whole online poker rigged? Or do we have a flawed process thinking when it comes to... Poker Range - The Professional Technique for Ranging Your… Poker ranges are important. Instead of trying to put your opponent on an specific hand, it helps to assign them a range of possible hands after each action.For this example, we will assume Hero folds all his light green hands. Notice the difference between Hero’ range and Villain’s range

Playtika is a joke and the whole WSOP online poker site is BS. IT is all about making people buy chips. If you are a good player you can expect to ramp up fast and then get the strangest string of bad beats and other strange hands.

Rigging Poker : howto and hypothesis. Now that we know that rooms have a motive, we want to know if rooms actually can do it, with the following impedimentFor example, the absolute probability of winning against 9 villains with AA preflop is of 31,38%. This probability gets higher with fewer vilains... Online poker is rigged ? | How to be awesome at... -… Rigging online poker in a way that would not be detected but useful for the site would be orders of magnitude harder than doing good honest game.On line poker inst rigged For sure,if u play in the main site poker,just I noticed one thing,the brazilian guys are really Lucky on pokerstars,and very... Online Poker is rigged – An investigative report proving… investigative, Online, Poker, proving, report, RIGGED.I was a programmer for a poker site which is still a high street bookmaker and help to create one of the random number generators for it’s online poker. Fair Poker Sites - Is Online Poker Rigged? - OnlinePoker

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Choosing to play poker online for money is simple – once you know what to look out for. ... robust online poker option with excellent cash game and tournament action. .... Others pay your welcome bonus in increments, for example of $5 or $20. ... No proof of a rigged deal has ever been found – over literally billions of hands. Are Casino Slot Machines Rigged? - Online gambling sites

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Yes, poker online is rigged. All online sites are rigged. They are setup like video brainless games for brainless people that let themselves cheated by crooks like Chris Ferguson and three other directors of the poker website Full Tilt Poker, Howard Lederer, and Rafe Furst were running a Ponzi scheme that paid out $444 million of customer money to themselves and the firm's owners. Is Online Poker Rigged for Action? | The Definitive Answer Online poker is a game where it’s okay to lie. In fact, bluffing is an important part of the endeavor. However, there is one whopper that has made the rounds in online poker forums and even in so-called “informed” articles. And that is that online poker rooms are somehow rigging their games for actions. Poker Action Flop Theory Is Online Poker Rigged Poker Action Flop Theory: Hands are deliberately set up by an online Poker room to handicap the best players and benefit the bad players. Texas Holdem tournaments on the internet attract literally thousands of players everyday to sites that offer every kind of tournament you can imagine.

People want to know once and for all if PokerStars is rigged or not. So here ... A sample size of 3 hands is completely meaningless in poker. ..... Why u get action and A high calls when u are not strong but they wont pay 2 bb when u have it?

Long ago in the early online poker days, there was a famous case with Planet Poker of a poor shuffling algorithm that made it possible to predict the hole cards of players. This wasn't a problem with the random number generation, and it wasn't "rigged," but it goes to show that other software defects can cause big problems in the games. Is this why people think online poker is rigged? - reddit I think people thinking online poker is rigged because they get into the mentality that holding anything above 70% is a guaranteed win. Yeah losing to 5% sucks, but then there would be no game of poker if you always made the right decision and didnt lose. Is PokerStars rigged? - Poker Strategy Forums Nov 15, 2013 · Back in the day one could datamine a ton of hands just by opening tables and turning on Poker Tracker. I had several million hands from Party Poker in those days just from that. Is PokerStars Rigged? We Have Your Answer

Bad beats and a new theory of how online poker is rigged... - Bad ... 24 Sep 2006 ... I am about ready to quit poker online forever.. How do you ranked guys ... Here are some examples of the bullshit i have been going through .... I agree with you it is fishy how many action flops and boards come out..I played ... Online Poker is NOT Rigged. - YouTube 2 Dec 2015 ... Not against a specific player, but there will be more action flops than there ... Online poker is most definitely Rigged for the rake to keep to keep running. ..... to see flops and they'll know your range (simplified example people, ...